Department of Chemical Sciences

The Department of Chemical Sciences of University of Napoli Federico II hosts about 100 researchers and 20 units of technicians and administrative personnel.

The main activities of the Department are the Research, the Didactics and the so-called third mission activitities.

The Research activities cover several areas of Chemistry, including the design and synthesis of new molecules, from low mass to macromolecules, the purification and the analytic characterization of natural and synthetic molecules, the structural characterization of new molecules through X-ray diffraction, nuclear magnetic resonance, optical and spin electron spectroscopy techniques, mass spectroscopy. The design, the synthesis and the characterization of new molecules are aimed, for example, to the production of innovative molecules with catalytic properties in important chemical and polymerization processes, or to the production of new functional materials, for several applications in a wide range of fields.

Research activities also regard the study of biomolecules and biopolymers for applications in biotechnology, from the development of biosensors  to biomedical applications, the study of organic functional molecules and organic polymers for special applications, such as the microelectronics, or the development of new materials with innovative mechanical properties, and the study of nanostructured materials for applications in several fields going from the biology to the medicine, from microelectronics to nanophotonics.

The Department of Chemical Sciences offer the following study programmes:

The Department of Chemical Sciences offers the following PhD Courses:

  • PhD Course in Chemical Sciences