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Erasmus+ at DSC


The new 2021-2027 Erasmus+ programme has been launched.

The Erasmus+ programme budget for 2021-2027 is €26.2 billion, compared with €14.7 billion for 2014-2020. This will be complemented by about €2.2 billion from the EU's external instruments.

With this increased budget, Erasmus+ will be more inclusive, more digital, and greener.



Programme guide | Erasmus+ (europa.eu)


INCOMING STUDENTS (Department of Chemical Sciences)

Looking forward to welcome you!

Check the University Website for Information services and all the housing opportunities for students away from home

University Website - International

Please, visit also:   http://www.international.unina.it/welcome-desk/  (WELCOME FOR INCOMING STUDENTS)

CLA (Centro Linguistico di Ateneo ) organizes Italian courses for Erasmus incoming students


Lists of courses in English at Department of Chemical Sciences

Lists of courses in English at Department of Chemical Sciences.

Contact Points-


sig. Annarita Quartuccio, e-mail: annarita.quartuccio@unina.it   




In allegato la graduatoria dei candidati rispondenti ai requisiti previsti dal Bando e risultati vincitori.

Le candidature sono state valutate in base ai seguenti criteri di valutazione:

  • Carriera accademica (al 31/03/2021) e curriculum vitae (25-35 punti)
  • Lettera di motivazione (0-10 punti)
  • Conoscenza/e linguistica/che (5-20 punti)
    • Prima Lingua certificata (B1 punti 5; B2 punti 8; C1 punti 11; C2 punti 14) Eventuale seconda lingua certificata (B1 punti 1; B2 punti 2; C1 punti 3; C2 punti 4) Eventuale terza lingua (B1 o B2 punti 1; C1 o C2 punti 2)
  • Lettera Accettazione ente ospitante (10 punti)


Documenti allegati


The Erasmus+ program finances mobility grants for teaching and research staff at partner European universities to carry out teaching activities.

Applications to participate must be filled in EXCLUSIVELY on the University website at page.