At the Department of Chemical Sciences several rooms are available for Didactics activities, institutional meetings, meetings and seminars. The main classrooms are the CH1, CH2, COB1, COB2 rooms, with more than 50 seats, and the Sala Riunioni

The use of the Classrooms is under Regulations. Keys and tools can be found at the porter's lodge, in the main hall of the Department.

Classrooms reservation can be done through the reservation system lorario. Further details can be found at this web site page Reservation of Classrooms and Instruments.



Department Conference room

100 seats, equipped with audio-video system and A/C. It may be reserved by faculty and staff, or graduate students for seminars, workshops and final exams.

Study Center Room

80 seats, equipped with WiFi and A/C. It is open Monday-Friday, 7:30am-7:30pm except during holidays, and campus closures.


Teaching Labs

In the Department of Chemical Sciences you can find numerous and advanced teaching labs and instrumentations. They support the education of the students of the Department, and also support other Courses of the Polytechnic and Basic Sciences School. The attendance of the labs undergoes Regulations

The support provided by the teaching Labs of the Department of Chemical Sciences is awesome: they allow us to cover more than 200 CFU , guest more than 1000 students for more than 400 hours per academic year. The teaching activity is managed by professors and highly qualified technicians (referent Dr. Donato Ciccarelli,

Computer Lab for Teaching

The Informatic Laboratory of the Department of Chemical Sciences is a room of about 110 m2 located on the ground floor of the department in the room OP-01.

The classroom has a capacity of 34 seats for students and in each of the workstations there is a PC connected to the network and can be used for numerical exercises or other educational activities.

Both Office and Matlab packages are installed on the PCs for which the student uses their UNINA credentials.

The classroom is also equipped with a projector for which the teacher uses his own laptop.

The laboratory room is currently used by students of Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry and Industrial Biotechnology (as well as for English courses).