NICL - Naples Industrial Chemistry Laboratory

Prof. Martino Di Serio

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Prof. Riccardo Tesser

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Prof. Vincenzo Russo

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Dr. Rosa Turco

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Dr. Rosa Vitiello

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Other Group members:

Post-Doc: Francesco Taddeo

PhD Students: Tommaso CoglianoMaryam Hmoudah, Michele Emanuele Fortunato, Alessia Stornaiuolo, Luca Mastroianni, Federica Orabona, Domenico Zannini, Emiliano Salucci

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Chemicals from Renewable Raw Materials

Chemical Reaction Engineering for Process and Products development

Water treatment technologies

The research activity is devoted to the investigation of reaction mechanism, catalysis and reaction kinetics for a wide range of chemical processes, such as: oxidation, hydrogenation, esterification, transesterification. The experimental research activity is carried out both on a laboratory and pilot scale, giving the possibility to study independently and in detail the chemical-physical phenomena characterizing the reaction network.

In particular the recent processes studies are linked with the development of new concepts in biorefinery.

The group has strong expertise on the design and simulation of multi-phase reactors: competences have been developed for the design and realization of reactors both on a laboratory and pilot scale, focusing on the simulation of multi-phase catalytic reactors (gas-liquid-solid or fluid-solid). Robust calculation tools are available for the rigorous simulation of multi-phase reactors.

Novel technologies for waste-water and drinking-water treatment are one of the expertize of the group, who reached skills in both adsorption and photocatalytic decomposition of organic molecules (e.g. emerging conaminants, ibuprofene, ketoprofene) and ions.


Main collaborations: Åbo Akademi University (FI), RIDCI (CN), UNIBO (IT), HNAF (CN), CONSER (IT), DESMET BALLESTRA (IT).