FPM3 - First Principles Modeling of Molecules and Materials

Prof. Orlando Crescenzi

Room 1N-40; phone +39-081674206; Email orlando.crescenzi@unina.it



Prof. Michele Pavone

Room 1N-41; phone +39-081674210; Email michele.pavone@unina.it;



Dr. Ana Belén Muñoz García

Room 1N-39; phone +39-081674202; Email anabelen.munozgarcia@unina.it;






The FPM3 scientific activity is devoted to the development, validation and application of computational modeling tools based on quantum mechanics (QM), mostly within the framework of Density Functional Theory (DFT). The aim of FPM3 is to provide reliable and accurate prediction of QM processes in complex chemical systems, from optical and magnetic spectroscopic properties to heterogeneous catalysis and energy conversion devices. The research topics that are currently under investigation include the following subjects:

• Theoretical prediction of structural and spectroscopic properties of organic molecules

• Ab initio modeling of organic and enzymatic reactions

• Electronic properties of nanostructured materials for energy conversion

• Photo-catalysis at heterogeneous functional interfaces

• Materials degradation in Cultural Heritage masterpieces

• Density Functional Embedding Theory for extended hybrid materials



Selected publications:

  • E Schiavo, C Latouche, V Barone, O Crescenzi, AB Muñoz-García, M Pavone Ab initio study of Cu-based delafossites as alternative to nickel oxide in photocathodes: effects of Mg-doping and surface electronic features Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics (2018) 20, 14082-14089
  • V Jehová González, AM Rodríguez, V León, J Frontiñan, JL García Fierro, M Duran, AB Muñoz-García, M Pavone, E Vázquez Sweet Graphene: Exfoliation of Graphite and Preparation of Glucose-Graphene Cocrystals through Mechanochemical Treatments Green Chemistry (2018) 20, 3581-3592
  • F Bella, AB Muñoz-García, G Meligrana, A Lamberti, M Destro, M Pavone, C Gerbaldi Unveiling the controversial mechanism of reversible Na storage in TiO2 nanotube arrays: amorphous versus anatase TiO2 Nano Research (2017) 10, 2891-2903
  • AB Muñoz-García, M Pavone K-doped Sr2Fe1.5Mo0.5O6-δ predicted as a bifunctional catalyst for air electrodes in proton-conducting solid oxide electrochemical cells Journal of Materials Chemistry A (2017) 5, 12735-12739
  • AB Muñoz-García, M Tuccillo, M Pavone Computational design of cobalt-free mixed proton–electron conductors for solid oxide electrochemical cells Journal of Materials Chemistry A (2017) 5, 11825-11833
  • C Huang, AB Muñoz-García, M Pavone Effective scheme for partitioning covalent bonds in density-functional embedding theory: From molecules to extended covalent systems Journal of Chemical Physics (2016) 145, 244103
  • Y Saygili, M Söderberg, N Pellet, F Giordano, Y Cao, AB Muñoz-García, SM Zakeeruddin, N Vlachopoulos, M Pavone, G Boschloo, L Kavan, JE Moser, M Grätzel, A Hagfeldt, M Freitag Copper Bipyridyl Redox Mediators for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells with High Photovoltage Journal of the American Chemical Society (2016) 138, 15087-15096
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  • AB Muñoz-García, M Pavone First-Principles Design of New Electrodes for Proton-Conducting Solid-Oxide Electrochemical Cells: A-Site Doped Sr2Fe1.5Mo0.5O6-δ Perovskite Chemistry of Materials (2016) 28, 490-500
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