AAC – Amino Acids Chemistry

Luigi Longobardo

Room 2N19; Lab 2N18ab; phone +39-081-674115; Email: luilongo@unina.it



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Asymmetric synthesis: Novel reagents for the enantioselective acylation of silylenolethers. Synthetic manipulation of a-amino acids. Homologation of a-amino acids. N-Protected b-Amino alcohols. N-Protected b-Iodo Amines. Reaction of b-Iodo Amines with cyanide ion: N-Protected
b3-Amino nitriles. Hydrolysis and Alcoholises of N-protected b3-Amino nitriles: b3-aminoacids. Alkylation of N-(Boc) Protected b3-Amino nitriles: access to b2,3-aminoacids. b3-aminoacids containing bioactive peptides, b-Casomorphine case study. Thioalkylation of b-Iodo Amines with cysteine and selenocystine. Sulfur and Selenium containing unnatural amino acids. CyX and Sex amino acids. Cystationine and Homocysteine families. Proline based unnatural amino acids, thioalkylation of 4-iodo and/or 4-tosyloxyproline with cysteine and selenocystine. Reactions of
b-Iodo Amines with other nucleophiles. Solid-phase applications.  Urotensin-II analogues with monosulfide bridges. Celiac disease: Peptidomics approach to identify transglutaminase‐susceptible Q residues within a pepsin–trypsin gliadin digest. Antibody production against a
16‐residue peptide with common sequence to the α‐, β‐, γ‐, and ω‐gliadins.  Determination in food by flow cytometry of gliadin at picogram levels. Chemical functionalization of graphene materials. Novel methodologies for coupling of bioactive peptides to glycosaminoglicans.



Selected publications:

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