Impianti Chimici

Dr. Marco Balsamo

Room -1Mc15; phone +39-081-674028 Email;

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Prof. Fabio Montagnaro

Room -1Mc05; phone +39-081-674029 Email;




Phd Student: Francesca Di Lauro, Email


The main investigation pathways of the research group are:

1) gas–solid chemical processes in fluidised bed reactors, also through the use of solar energy (example: removal of CO2/SO2, solar reactors for calcium looping and thermochemical energy storage; sorption-enhanced gasification);

2) solids thermoconversion processes for energy production (example: entrained-flow gasification of biomass under slagging conditions);

3) synthesis of non-traditional binders (through reuse of industrial wastes);

4) adsorption processes in fixed beds (example: removal of CO2/H2S from flue gas through adsorbents of new generation);

5) fractal dynamics in heterogeneous processes (example: application to liquid–solid and gas–solid adsorption processes);

6) reuse of civil and industrial wastes (example: oxy-pyrolysis, gasification and hydrothermal liquefaction of civil and industrial sludges for the production of energy vectors);

7) design of chemical reactors and plants.


The full list of projects/collaborations/publications and more detailed information about the research & teaching activity are retrievable at and (section "curriculum"; the information is constantly updated). Main ongoing projects are: 1) Italian Project Programma Nazionale per la Ricerca MIUR "Biofeedstock – Development of Integrated Technological Platforms for the Valorisation of Residual Biomasses"; 2) Project funded by the University of Naples "Development and characterisation of porous sorbent materials functionalised with ionic liquid for CO2 capture", 3) Research contract between the Department and the Italian Leather Research Institute on "Energetic valorisation of tannery sludges".