Optical Spectroscopy and Scattering Laboratory

It includes, among other equipment:


X-ray Diffraction Laboratory

Includes: KappaCCD single crystal diffractometer with Area Detector, 2 high angle diffractometers (WAXS) for PANalytical powders, also for low temperature measurements, 1 low angle diffractometer (SAXS) SAXSess Anton Paar, Empyrean multipurpose modular X-ray diffractometer with access to CCDC and ICDD databases.


Press for IR tablets

  • CAGIMBRA p400ir hydraulic press, for laboratory, 15 tons, for the compression of KBr in 13 mm tablets;
  • 13 mm Evacuable Pastry Dryer (CAGIMBRA);
  • Agate mortar and pestle