Calendario Lauree in Scienze e Tecnologie della Chimica Industriale


Laurea Magistrale in Scienze e Tecnologie della Chimica Industriale- Anno accademico 2022/23 13 dicembre 2023, ore 14.00(*) – Sala Riunioni del Dipartimento di Scienze Chimiche


(codice MS-TEAMS mg4aa5x)

(*) la seduta di Laurea Magistrale avrà luogo a seguire dalla laurea triennale



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Master of Science (M. Sc.) in Chemical Sciences (Italian Classification of Master Degrees LM-54)

The M. Sc. in Chemical Sciences has been awarded the European "Chemistry Euromaster Label". The course credits are recognized by all European academic institutions associated with the Chemistry Quality Eurolabels, granting a wide employability among European countries.


Type of Degree: Second cycle degree/Two-year Master - 120 ECTS.

Program Coordinator: Prof. Delia Picone (


Program description:

The M.Sc. in Chemical Sciences aims to develop a class of professionals capable of excelling in different areas of expertise of chemistry and able to successfully pursue professional tracks both in Accademia and Industry. Our study program offers training opportunities in many disciplines of chemistry, including biochemistry, inorganic, organic, physical, and theoretical chemistry.

The Program is composed by:

1st year: 5 Required Advanced Chemistry classes + 2 elective courses.

2nd year: 3 elective courses + internship + research Thesis.

The Advanced Chemistry courses (Advanced Physical Chemistry, Advance Inorganic Chemistry, Advanced Organic Chemistry, Advanced Analytical Chemistry, Advanced Biochemistry) allow the students to train effectively in the various aspects of modern chemical disciplines, so as to be highly qualified and ready to face any professional challenge that may arise in the world of the labor market.

Elective courses: Several classes helping the M. Sc. Students to acquire a deeper knowledge on the most modern experimental and theoretical techniques of design, analysis, and synthesis and to further deepen the study of chemical disciplines, are offered. To help students to build a coherent and rational study program, these courses are grouped according 4 disciplinary tracks:

  • Environment & Cultural Heritage
  • Life Science
  • Synthesis and Catalysis Science & Technology,
  • Renewable Energies & Sustainable Chemistry

The Research Thesis plays a prominent role in our study program since students are exposed to the most engaging educational and training activities. During the experimental Thesis activities, M. Sc. Students have time and opportunities to practice, thus honing their practical skills and to improve their independent thinking skills by facing a real scientific research study in a specific subject in the framework of an internship in a Research group of the Department of Chemical Science or in external outstanding research laboratories.

The internship is a stage of 125 h on-the-job training that allows students to acquire professional skills and know-how transferable to the world of work, and to gain experience of a real work environment.

Graphic presentation of the study course

Study course description