Calendario corso Prof.ssa Finizia Auriemma


Il corso rivolto ai dottorandi:

"Structural  Analysis  of  Materials  at  Nanometer  Length  Scale  with  Small Angle X-ray Scattering"

avrà inizio a breve, secondo il seguente calendario.

Mercoledì 16 Settembre ore: 14-16 Aula COB2
Venerdì 18 Settembre ore: 14-16 Aula COB2
Mercoledì 23 Settembre 14-16 Aula COB2
Venerdì 25 Settembre 14-16 Aula COB2
Mercoledì 30 Settembre 14-16 Aula COB2
Giovedì 1 Ottobre 14-17 Aula COB2
Venerdì 2 Ottobre 14-17 Aula COB2



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PhD in Chemical Sciences

The PhD course in Chemical Sciences is conceived at providing advanced and rigorous training to the next scientists generation, featuring innovative and independent skills in the organization and management of research and development activities, in Academia and Industry, in several chemical sectors.

Great attention is devoted to multidisciplinary aspects of research and its integration with related disciplines (such as Physics, Biology, Engineering), in order to broaden the knowledge horizon and, therefore, future job opportunities. The training includes different orientations that while sharing the scientific and methodological approach, are aimed at understanding structure/function/properties relationships in compounds and materials of different nature and simultaneously at identifying possible applications in cutting-edge sectors, ranging from catalysis, sensors, micro- and opto-electronics, biomedicine, biology and diagnostics.

The teaching and research activity is namely focused on the following topics:

  • chemistry and biochemistry of peptides, proteins and nucleic acids;
  • inorganic and bioinorganic chemistry, for the development of metallorganic complexes and synthetic metalloproteins;
  • chemistry and physics of polymeric and nanostructured materials;
  • reactivity and catalysis in industrial and biotechnological processes;
  • synthesis, structure, reaction mechanisms and bioactivity of organic molecules;
  • development of analytical methodologies of interest in the areas of environment, food safety and cultural heritage;
  • development of theoretical and computational models and methods.

For more details, it is suggested to browse the research section of the Department website (link).


The PhD School in Chemical Sciences, to commemorate Giulio Regeni, his sacrifice and commitment for freedom in scientic research, dedicates to him one scholarship for each PhD cycle.


The PhD course has a strong international imprinting, as a multiplicity of collaborative relationships with prestigious foreign institutions are cultivated (link).

Thanks to a collaboration between the "An-Najah National University", Nablus, Palestine and the University of Napoli "Federico II" in the field of higher education and scientific research, since 2016, the PhD in Chemical Sciences offers for each cycle a position for graduate students from An-Najah University.



Prof. Angelina Lombardi (coordinator)

Dott. Annarita Quartuccio (secretary)

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