Educational guidance service

The Educational Guidance services are devoted to students from Campania high schools and are aimed to provide information about the educational offer of the Department, the teaching organization, the educational and attitudinal requirements (admittance test contents, how obtaining possible adjoint requirements, OFA), as well as the future employments and careers.

The Department of Chemical Sciences provides, together with other Departments of the Polytechnic and Basic Sciences School, several counseling activities:

  1. a) meetings with students and participation in counseling activities organized by the School or by the University
  2. b) meetings with selected classes or students in the Polytechnic and Basic Sciences School or in the High Schools, after specific agreements with the High Schools managements
  3. c) divulgation and diffusion of information through specific sections (Futuro remoto)
  4. d) F2S – Federico II nella Scuola project, jointly promoted by the University and by the School Management of Campania Region, aimed to reinforce and to make systematic the interactions between the Study Programs and the High Schools.
  5. e) University projects within the National Plan of Scientific Degrees (PLS)-CHEMISTRY, MATERIAL SCIENCES and BIOTECHNOLOGIES disciplines

Department Counseling service referent



Chemistry Courses Counseling service referent

Prof. Francesco RUFFO


Industrial Chemistry Courses Counseling service referent

Prof. Mauro IULIANO


Biomolecular and Industrial Biotechnologies Courses Counseling service referent (

Prof. Angela Arciello